Meli Imako has produced a bento head – Rooth – and while it’s definitely not perfect, it’s better than I expected.

Full perm – L$8000; Mod/Copy – L$3000. The full perm head needs the L$299 omega kit to make it omega ready (I’m not sure about the mod/copy head).

For me, the biggest plus is that finally we have a mod head – since I make my own skins I can add textures as well as normal and specular maps very easily without having to mess with appliers. I bought the full perm version when it was on a half price sale, so excellent value at that price, but still great value for having mod rights. It comes with a separate makeup layer, so you can choose to wear it separately, or layer them up if you like to slather on the makeup! Another bonus is that it seems to be relatively low lag and doesn’t weigh me down more than other heads that I’ve tried.

It was pretty easy to make a variety of shapes to suit various skins. The lips are less defined and pouty than many at the moment – but I consider that a bit of a plus. You can see some of the varieties I managed with a few different skins. The first is the default that you get in the pack. The rest are different skins I designed for the system avatar, so you can see that skins mapped to the SL av work well with little adjustment (though watch the mouth – teeth are mapped differently on this skin, so I stick to the default texture for that face).

There are some minuses – no neck fix at this stage (you can see the visible seam where I haven’t matched the body to the face skin). The eyelashes do not use alpha – they are individually modelled. This is both a plus and minus – you don’t have the alpha glitch problem, but they can look like your mascara is really clumped together. My biggest minus though is the animations – while quite a few are included, they don’t stop properly (you need to Reset Skeleton and Animations to make it stop). Reading through the script I think the problem is that a default neutral animation was meant to be included – hopefully that will be corrected in an update.

This head is not for the beginner – but it’s great for the modder 🙂