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In honour of school holidays this week I decided to spend some Lindens.I’d been wanting to get an Akeruka Bento head, but held off. Sampling the latest, I was happy to see eyebrows are now a separate layer, and there are more bento heads to choose fromthan ever. I finally gave in and bought the Lara. Perhaps prophetically, Maitreya brought out their Bento update for the Lara mesh body, so now I have moving hands too! With all this I thought a new haircut was in order – I really wanted something that would suit a more mature avatar. The Argrace Makoto was just the kind of cut I was looking for. Setting the hair to alpha masking I was able to keep my complexity reading to just over 35000. Not too shabby.

The pics here also show off the skin and shapes that I’m working on at the moment – a mid-life skin for the avatar that’s wanting to show a bit of maturity. At the moment I’m using the omega applier for my AK Lara head – the developer kit doesn’t yet seem to cater to eyebrow selection. There are a few glitches targetting textures with the Omega, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out.

Look for the Mid-life skin and shapes to be in store in the next week or so.