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I’m off on holiday soon – and so Peony is too! Be aware that the LBD store will be in maintenance and support mode – I’ll be checking IMs and running support in world when needed, but new products and posts will be held off for the next 6 weeks or so.

And speaking of being aware…From April 1 the LBD will be involved in a hunt raising awareness for Autism. Check out Missy’s website for more information: https://mixmatchmissy.com/grow-your-awarness-hunt/ – it’s a worthy cause, and you’ll find not one but two gifts from the LBD.

For her trip, Peony is highlighting one for the LBD hunt gifts – the enamel flower necklace and brooch. The pretty lotus flowers are finished with the sparkle of a gemstone that can be changed with a quick tap.

Jeans are perfect for travelling, and Peony’s black jeans are a perfect basic from the LBD L$49 basics range, as is her tank applier. The jacket is a future release from the LBD – keep your eye out in the coming months. Peony’s let her hair down with a recent group gift from Truth, and added bangs from the Truth group gift range. A swipe of lipstick is a must on a long journey…just for a pick-me-up. Today it’s from the LBD nude range. Shoes are another upcoming LBD release and the bag was a freebie picked up in a Bay City station some years back. Her all important reading glasses are an LBD group gift.

As always she wears her 60YO skin with pride and thanks the Laras from Maitreya and Akeruka for her look.